Five need to know areas of AdWords

These are the Five Areas You Need to Pay Attention To First If Your Business Is Small or Medium Sized

These are five areas that SMB marketers need to be in order before they can fine-tune their Google Ads PPC campaign.

Learn the economic foundations of your campaign

Before you can do any other things in a pay-per click campaign, you must first define the following:

It would be a surprise to see how many advertisers spend large amounts on PPC or but don’t track conversions at. This will be the primary means of managing your campaign and making decisions.

Start small, Iterate and Expand

It is crucial to be able to track and manage the progress of your campaigns. There is also a real management cost to creating a large campaign from scratch. Start by choosing a subset to sell the products, locations that you can target and the terms you can use in your campaign. Start by experimenting with a smaller group of products, and then apply your findings to create new parts of the campaign.

Understanding Campaign Settings

We have already mentioned that there are many nuances to setting up campaigns. You don’t need separate campaigns for each group, but it is important to know the levers you have to help you set up campaigns. Otherwise, you may end up with a complicated campaign structure that you can’t go back to.

Attention to Campaign Basics

The idea is to begin simple, with the basics and then get more sophisticated over time. These are the five areas you should be focusing your optimization efforts and time on.

  • What is your conversion point?
  • What is the value of this conversion? How much is this worth to your company and how can you afford it?
  • Are you sure your conversion tracking is working properly?

How Your Campaigns Might Grow

Everything from the campaign settings to the structure of your advertising groups and the way you create display ads, you should think about how to scale your campaign later. You might want to consider a geographically-driven account structure if you are starting small and only focusing on one region. How will you change your account structure and process to increase your budget?

Focusing on marketing basics and looking ahead to how your campaign might scale will help you achieve success right away. Then, when you use some of the more sophisticated settings and tools within Google Ads, your campaign will be more efficient than trying to tweak an account that is already failing.

  • Search query mining – Pay attention to search queries and placements, and be aggressive with positives.
  • Account Structure Keep your keywords well-grouped within ad group and be aware of the differences between display ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad a groups (broader themes) and search ad ad ad a groups (really relevant terms).
  • Ad Creativity – Create strong ads and test various variations.
  • Landing page design – Make a strong landing site.
  • Bid Management: Monitor your bids and make sure your money is going where it’s needed.

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