5 Tips to better engagement on facebook

1. Tap into Perfect Post Times

Facebook will reward posts with more reach if they receive more engagement.

Although it might seem a little strange, this is a reminder of the importance to timing your posts perfectly.

You can instantly increase your chances of receiving likes and comments by posting when your followers most active.

Yes, there are data-driven best time to post on social media that can help you decide what your posting schedule should look like.

It is important to not post randomly and expect engagement. You can narrow down a schedule that makes sense by using the chart below and looking at your past engagements.

2. Concentrate on Fan-Centric Content

When it comes to content, many brands make the error of thinking they are in control.

Let’s suppose you have a Facebook page about your sandwich shop. Do you only post content about sandwiches?


First, there is only so much you can say about your product or brand on a daily basis. Your audience will stop listening to your content if it becomes repetitive or stale.

Let’s not forget , isn’t everything in your Facebook content. It’s all about your fans. You might be liked by them, but they don’t want to hear only about you. Embedding this idea in your strategy will make it easier to increase Facebook engagement.

If you are having trouble finding ideas for new content, ask yourself some questions.

3. Analyze your most popular posts

Sometimes, the best way to increase Facebook engagement is to look inside.

Let’s suppose you have a post which knocks it out the park. You get tons of likes, shares, and lots of love in your comment section.

Instead of treating that post as an anomaly you should take steps to recreate the social magic again.

Perhaps it was an unexpected meme. Maybe it was an amazing case study.

You should keep an eye on the top-performing content and not just guess. Your fans’ activity is crucial to determine what content to post.

You can better understand the activity by looking at your Facebook analytics. This will allow you to identify what is receiving the most reach. You might be surprised at the answer.

4. Get more out of your photo game

Facebook is dominated by visual content.

The overwhelming majority of content is photos, which indicates that people prefer visuals to text links or walls of text. Visuals are a great way to increase Facebook engagement.

The type of images that you post can make a huge difference in terms performance.

Many budding businesses make the error of using stock photos or images taken from other sources instead of creating their own content.

Brands should instead strive to reflect the personality behind their business. Photos taken “in the wild” by big brands are very popular, as well as stories from employees.

It’s not the stock photo network.

5. Prioritize Replies & Comments

It’s not a simple task to increase your Facebook page engagement.

You should reciprocate the kindness of someone who takes the time to comment on you content.

People want to interact with brands. Businesses that respond to comments have more interaction.

By the way, replies are now a standard in today’s social media space. It is a fact that most people respond to a comment within four hours. This makes timely responses a game-changer.

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